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The Decline of Human Growth Hormone (HGH)
and How it Affects on Aging

Read More about the Benefits of advanced GHR Platinum 2nd Generation proven HGH Releaser

GHR Platinum is Now one of the Most Effective
Anti Aging Supplements / Growth Hormone Releasers and Proven to Work

( HGH Supplements for People Ages 35 to 75 + )

GHR Platinum is highly recommended for people 35 or older. Our latest addition of GHR products, GHR Platinum, is an all-natural anti-aging supplement designed to fight three major contributors to the aging process:

helps increase production and release of your own natural human growth hormone (Hgh)
helps neutralizes free radicals which can cause damage

helps protect irreplaceable brain cells.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Decline

Human growth hormone (HGH) is an endocrine hormone, which is produced by the pituitary gland, located in the center of the brain. The pituitary gland regulates all other hormones within the body. Everyone has optimal levels of HGH in their body from birth throughout adolescence. However, HGH generally reaches its peak level around the ages of 21 through 30, and  then begins a steady decline at the rate of about 14%-15% per decade. At about age 60 or later, only a trace of HGH is left. About age 20 the pituitary gland produces an average of 500 micrograms of HGH per day. But by around age 80it is producing less than 25 micrograms per day.

Original GHR-15, Pure GHR15, Pure GH Releasers and GH Renew U give you the energy and strength you need all day.Various studies on human growth hormones have shown that nearly every adult shows a significant decrease of HGH, the main contributor of aging. By the time we reach about age 40, "elderly" levels of HGH production may occur, with HGH levels down by as much as 50% of our once youthful adolescent levels. To safely regain peak levels, we suggest supplementing your nutrition and diet with GHR Platinum (and other GHR) anti aging supplements, which are effective, and proven, all natural HGH releasers alternatives.

human growth hormone decline in the body as we grow older

Since 2003 tremendous advances have been made in helping to fend off some of the most adverse affects of aging -- one of the most recent advances being the formulation of GHR Platinum. This anti aging powerhouse supplement supports much of the function and structure of the body including, the nervous system, mental attitude, immune response, energy production, eye health, skin, liver, allergies, inflammation, even hangovers.

The GHR Platinum formula is the next major advancement in anti aging technology with its foundation firmly built on the successes of those revolutionary original formulas, GHR and GHR Gold. GHR Platinum delivers all the benefits of other GHR formulas, with added benefits of fighting other major contributors of aging.

GHR Platinum (like Original GHR and GHR Gold) Boosts IGF-1 Levels as much as 300+%, much higher than virtually any other HGH releaser product.

The GHR Platinum HGH releaser product has a special combination of over 30 ingredients which help to stimulate the anterior pituitary gland into releasing your own natural human growth hormone (natural gH), which is produced within your body. With continual use, GHR Platinum can help to slow down and reverse some of the affects of the aging process, promote better health, increase strength and vitality, improve longevity and enhance the quality of your life.

GHR Platinum (like GHR) is one of the most effective anti aging, human growth hormone releaser vitamin supplements and clinically proven to work.

Free Radical Oxidation

A second major contributor of aging is free radical oxidation. Our body is constantly being attacked by free radicals which rapidly kills off healthy cells throughout our body. Excessive free radicals eventually contribute to aging related disorders like cancer, heart disease, premature wrinkles and severe arthritis pain. The super longevity anti-oxidant GHR Platinum™ formula is designed to neutralize free radicals, remove toxins and helps fight against rapid and premature aging!

Brain Cell Damage

A third significant contributor to the aging process is the damage done to nerve cells in the brain.

This causes ARCD, Age Related Cognitive Decline. ARCD is the loss of cerebral function caused by the loss of nerve cells in the brain. 

This causes us to forget names, phone numbers, misplace keys and enter rooms without remembering why. The natural cognitive enhancers found in GHR Platinum help PROTECT those irreplaceable brain cells, SHARPENS our body’s internal communication and helps INCREASE a higher level of brain power!

If you:

  • Live in area where there is poor air quality

  • Drive in traffic

  • Deal with stress

  • Around anyone who smokes

  • Use a microwave

  • Eat packaged or canned foods

  • Spend time in the sun

  • Use prescription or non prescription medications

Then, you NEED the anti-oxidant benefits of GHR Platinum!

GHR Platinum (like GHR and GHR Gold) is one of the most effective anti aging, human growth hormone releaser vitamin supplements and clinically proven to work.

Human Growth Hormone Releaser and Anti-Aging Supplement - GHR Platinum - is a revolutionary new product based on nearly 10 years of anti-aging research. Numerous volumes of antiaging research and clinical studies have demonstrated that the most important change we notice as we get older is a decrease in HGH or Human Growth Hormone in the body.

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